What’s that I hear? You’re looking a way to stylishly shade the sun from your strained computer-glazed eyes but want to express your love for space pigeons at the same time? 


Your prayers have been answered. 


The Coalesce Dad Hat comes in a dusty sky blue, which doesn’t particularly match anything you’re going to be wearing, but does seamlessly blend into the horizon on a clear day. Featuring a beautifully-embroidered Eleanor, our space pigeon, this  is sure to turn heads. Or maybe no one will notice and you can just enjoy it on your own. We can’t predict the future. 


Either way: think of it as your very own helmet--protecting you not from the vacuum of space, but from the glare bouncing off the empty, barren pavement right into your pupils. 

Coalesce Dad Hat

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By Coalesce.