It’s not just any old black T-shirt, friends. 


The front pocket features the Good Folk logo. What’s Good Folk? It’s a little operation we helped launch that lets musicians and creators focus more on their music work and less on the paperwork. 


Back of the shirt features what might be the Illustration of the Decade. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex riding one of those rent-by-the-minute electric scooters. Now imagine him jammin’ to the latest Dolly Parton remix from his favorite DJ through his state-of-the-art headphones. Did I mention he was always on his way to “Rolling Happy Hour” (hence the cooler he’s trailing behind him). And just like Spicy Village in the Lower East Side, he’s “Closed on Sundays.”  

The shocking part? You don’t have to imagine it at all. You can wear it. No one doesn’t not need this shirt. 

Good Folk Rex Shirt

  • As with all our Co & Co products, a purchase of this product helps benefit our two featured charities -- Future Ready and Save Our Stages. Read the backstory.