Inspired by Space Pigeons. Crafted for humans.


If you’re searching for unconventional coffee, you’ve come to the right place. Space Pigeon Propellant is human-grade whole-bean espresso made with premier space-proof bean technology that will satisfy even the most particular palettes. Our unparalleled brew is engineered to be aerodynamic and feather-weight for ultra-smooth flavor. The bag is mission-approved, should you need Space Pigeon Propellant in flight. 


You will not find these performance-grade materials anywhere else in the galaxy. Designed to be ultra-versatile, Space Pigeon Propellant can be consumed with creamers and sweeteners but also stands proudly on its own. The flavor is sweet chocolate, caramel, full-bodied, and never bitter.


Space Pigeon Propellant is created in a carbon-neutral roasting facility in Basalt, Colorado. Rock Canyon Coffee facilities are also powered by 100% Green-e certified renewable electricity. The pigeons couldn't be more pleased.


For the brave. For the strange. For the navigators, wherever they roam.

Space Pigeon Propellant Coffee

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